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Every year on the Corpus Christi day (9th sunday after Easter) in Spello (10 km. far from us), takes places the Infiorata event.
With the great variety of fresh flowers and herbs night-long, real paintings and carpets are constructed, along all the roads used by the Corpus Christi procession.

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Calendimaggio 3/7 May 2017

The Calendimaggio celebrations in Assisi trace their roots back to very ancient customs of celebrating spring that were used by civilisations even outside the Italian peninsula. These traditions were later transformed into celebrations of the goddesses Maia and Flora by the Romans, and later still into the Kalende di Maggio celebrations during the Middle Ages.

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Umbria Sales Are Going On!!!

During the sales time in summer and winter:
From 6th January to 20th March – From 1st July to 1st September 2016 , not valid for the week 11/18 August, 10% discount on the standard rates.

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Gaite Market

The market Gaite takes its inspiration from the division of Bevagna in four Gaite or Guaite, ie quarters, which was headed by the civil and political organization of the city in medieval times.

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